The build-up begins: Biden plans a Kamala Harris road show


Doddery old Joe Biden isn’t even trying to hide it anymore. His gaffes and garble are soaring to orbit. The faraway look in his eyes is growing dimmer. The public is noticing. He called himself a transition president. He presumably joked that he’d resign if he ever disagreed with Harris. But much sooner than anyone thought, a Hollywood style starlet build-up for Vice President Kamala Harris is beginning as if to prepare the public for his replacement. Start with this International Women’s Day tweet from someone at the controls of the Twitter account of senile old Joe: I want every child to know that this is what vice presidents and generals in the United States Armed Forces look like. Which, to anyone who knows the history of Kamala Harris, comes off as kind of grotesque. Biden’s message of her as an example to all the little girls is to be born pretty, attach yourself as mistress to a powerful older married man, sleep your way to the top, then move on to attach yourself to the next older man, one who needs your skin color next to him to gain street cred with the woke.

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