If Trump Was A ‘Nazi’ For Detaining Migrant Children, What Does That Make Biden?


Today, CBS News reported that “more than 3,200 migrant children were stuck in CBP facilities,” a number which was “the highest in the agency’s history.” Soon after the news broke, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez boarded the first available plane to the border and, by early afternoon, could be seen shaking the chain-link fence of the Border Patrol facilities, demanding that they “free the kids from the cages.” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi held a tearful press conference, demanding an end to the practice, saying, “If you start endangering children, I become a lioness.” CNN featured numerous guests deriding the crisis at the border as “inhumane” and “a stain on our democracy.” In reality, none of these things happened. At least, not when it was announced that Biden was detaining a record number of migrant children in border control facilities.

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