How the fatal Texas power outage could alter the climate conversation


Energy sector leaders say reliability of electricity must be a high priority… Up until three months ago, Andy Calitz, the former head of LNG Canada, would have said the UN conference would be a debate solely about climate risk. But now, his perspective has changed, he said, after what happened in Texas and other parts of the world. “The fact that we’ve had this amazingly cold winter in the Northern Hemisphere, which has left its mark on and North America, has left its mark on Russia and Europe, has left its mark on China and Japan, will impress upon the governments, cabinets, and role-players at COP, the careful balance that needs to be struck because the stakes are so enormously high between energy security and climate risk,” he said recently at the CERAWeek by IHS Markit conference. Last summer, the state of California had rolling power outages during a heat wave because its electrical system was strained. About 33 per cent of the state’s electricity is generated from solar and wind.

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