Yemen’s Houthis seek world stage for their threats


Iran has a habit of turning groups like the Houthis, Hezbollah and the Popular Mobilization Units in Iraq into terror armies that seem to sponge up most of the country around them. Several years ago if someone had not heard of the Houthi rebels in Yemen it would not have been a major surprise. The idea that the US might one day be sending a team to negotiate with them would have appeared ludicrous. At the time, beginning in 2015, a Saudi-led intervention in Yemen was supposed to push back the rag-tag fighters using the best western military equipment. Today that has all changed. With Iranian technology and support the Houthis are raining down ballistic missiles and kamikaze drones on Saudi Arabia almost every day. The new US Biden administration sought to take the group off a terror list, which the Trump administration had tacked them onto during its last days in office.

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