The Dems’ Willful Errors Multiply


Recreating and expanding Obama’s catastrophic chaos. Remember when Donald Trump was attacked daily for his cruel and racist immigration policies? When the clichés du jour were “ripped from their family’s arms” and “held in cages”? The “cages” filling the news were actually from the Obama era, but progressives notoriously take liberties with the truth when taking advantage of a useful crisis. Under Trump’s policies, in fact, we recovered some control of our border and started reducing the death and disorder the Dems’ virtually open border produced. “Asylum seekers,” an elastic category that seldom required evidence that a migrant faced lethal threats in his home country, now waited in Central America or Mexico for their application to be processed rather than being “caught and released” at the border and sent off to the rest of the country with only perfunctory monitoring.

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