Europe’s Migrant Crisis, Still Yielding Terror, Foretells The Effects Of Biden’s Border-Crossing Boom


With the flash of knife, the latest border-jumping, migrant asylum seeker has wrought yet another trail of blood, hospitalizations, shots fired, and street memorials in a European nation. This time, a 22-year-old Afghan migrant asylum allegedly slashed seven pedestrians in the Swedish town of Vetlanda before police could disable and arrest him. Although reporting is developing, the Afghan undoubtedly crossed the European Union’s external borders among several thousand young Afghan asylum applicants who traveled to Sweden in recent years via an Iran-Iraq-Turkey-Greece-Italy route and who are now being repatriated as ineligible. How and why border-crossing migrants from Muslim-majority nations keep conducting such attacks pose lessons applicable to the American southern border, where thousands from the same Muslim-majority nations annually cross.

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