Cal Thomas: Obama, Clinton and Biden Were for Border Security Before They Were Against It – Here Are the Quotes


I recently had to cancel a long-planned trip to South America, either because the countries I wanted to enter are closed or required up to a two-week quarantine in a hotel. It doesn’t matter that I have been vaccinated and have repeatedly tested negative for COVID-19. Several countries in Europe I would like to visit are also closed. Ireland imposes a 2,000 Euro fine for anyone leaving the country. All of this while the United States is experiencing a flood of people crossing the southern border, including unaccompanied minors. They are overwhelming Border Patrol agents who are releasing many of them into the country with little chance they will show up for court dates, or temporarily detaining them in “rapid-processing hubs,” with a goal, writes The Washington Post, “of releasing them into the United States within 72 hours.”

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