Without debate, President Biden has decided on complete open borders


Without any real debate — without congressional hearings, new legislation, or anything more than a series of executive orders — President Biden has effectively put in place a complete open-border policy on the southwest border. All he had to do was signal, with the stroke of a pen, that if you can get into the US, you can probably stay. Predictably, illegal immigration surged. But so did legal admissions of asylum-seekers who had been barred from entering the country under stricter Trump-era policies and pandemic border security measures. The message up and down the border was clear: Biden will let you in. The result, whether Biden will admit it or not, is a full-blown crisis. So many unaccompanied migrant children are entering the country right now that federal agencies responsible for housing them are nearing capacity, even as they scramble to find more facilities, including US military bases and temporary tent shelters.

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