Trudeau vows to tackle ‘she-cession’ after new report says pandemic has been worse for working women


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau used the occasion of International Women’s Day to promise today that his government’s economic recovery plans will be crafted to help women bounce back from the shutdown as a newly published report explains how women have been hit hard by the pandemic. “This crisis has created a she-cession and has threatened to roll back the hard-fought social and economic progress of all women,” Trudeau said in a media statement Monday. “To build a fairer and more equal Canada, we must ensure a feminist, intersectional recovery from this crisis.” According to a new report, employment among women remains about 5.3 per cent below where it sat in February 2020 — just before the first wave of COVID-19 — compared to a drop of about 3.7 per cent for men. Most of the shortfall is attributable to losses in sectors like food services and accommodations, where workers deal directly with the public and have been hit hard by lockdowns and restrictions.

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