Tesla owner whose car burnt in driveway can’t get answers from automaker


A Tesla owner who complained on Twitter about their Model 3 burning to the ground in their driveway says Tesla will not respond to their demands for an explanation. According to a Tweet apparently made by a Tesla owner, at the time of posting (March 4), it had been 58 days since the burning-down incident occurred, and he had then yet to receive a response from Tesla’s customer service department about the cause of the fire. The owner also shared a video from his neighbour’s security camera from the night the vehicle inexplicably went up in flames. “I STILL believe Tesla makes great cars but their customer service is truly horrendous,” they wrote. While insurance should cover the cost of the vehicle, that’s not the point the owner is trying to make, they write. Instead, the problem here is that a brand-new vehicle caught fire without warning, without somebody driving it, while under warranty from the manufacturer, and the manufacturer’s apparently unwilling to address it.

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