Survey: Majority Oppose Trudeau Cabinet’s Cowardly Abstention On China Uyghur Genocide Motion


According to a Nanos Survey for the Globe & Mail, a majority of Canadians oppose the decision by the Trudeau cabinet to make a cowardly abstention from the vote on declaring China’s actions against the Uyghurs a genocide. The motion passed unanimously, with MPs from all parties supporting it, while Marc Garneau abstained ‘on behalf of the government,’ a move that was ripped across the political spectrum as a cowardly move. The survey shows 59% of Canadians oppose the abstention, while 30% support the move. Additionally, 70% support the relocation of the upcoming Winter Olympics out of China. 62% would support imposing economic sanctions on China, while 69% would like to see measures to speed up refugee applications for Uyghurs.

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