Robot Dog Saves Latino Family From Sex Abuse Thug, AOC Accuses It of Racism


Wilbert Wilson and Tex Ortiz broke into a house in Queens, New York. The career criminals pried open the back door with a crowbar at night, and took four women and a baby hostage… After prolonged negotiations, the thugs began releasing their hostages, but they demanded pizza. Unwilling to risk officers or a delivery boy, the police sent in Digidog: a robot dog carrying up the pizza. The thugs eventually freed all the hostages and gave up. They were taken into custody, where one of them kept stripping naked, and both have probably been set loose by the Democrats who love criminals almost as much as they love false accusations of racism. You might think that Digidog would be everything that police defunders want in a cop. Digidog is unarmed, incapable of racism, and is just a walking drone mounted with cameras. His only real contact with criminals has been to deliver pizza to one of them. But once the NYPD took custody of Digidog and painted him in department blue, he became a racist. In our dystopian future, everyone will be accused of racism for 15 minutes. Even robots. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez accused Digidog of racism for being deployed in “low-income communities of color.

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