Trudeau Backs Sajjan, Because Otherwise He Would Have To Acknowledge They Should Both Be Forced To Resign


With Harjit Sajjan facing immense criticism over what increasingly appears to be an attempt to cover-up allegations of sexual harassment against former Chief of Defence Staff Jonathan Vance, Trudeau has backed Sajjan. According to testimony from Gary Walbourne, Canada’s former Military Ombudsman, he went to Sajjan with the allegations against Vance, and Sajjan didn’t look at the evidence. That was three years ago. No action was taken, aside from notifying the Privy Council Office, which led to nothing further happening. The allegation was only made public recently, a long-time after it was brought to Sajjan’s attention. Retired Master Corporal Stephanie Raymond has called on Sajjan to resign or be removed from his post due to the handling of the allegations.

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