Study: China Emits More Pollution in 16 Days Than Close Western Country Does in 1 Year


Environmentalists across the world have been urging countries to drastically reduce carbon emissions in an effort to combat climate change. During this process, they have effectively ignored the country that is most responsible for these emissions. A Feb. 24 article from the Institute of Public Affairs cited research in which the organization compared China’s carbon emissions to those of its neighbor to the south, Australia. The findings are distressing. “Every 16 days China emits more carbon than Australia does in an entire year,” the institute reported. “This means the annual effect on global emissions from Australia mandating a net zero emissions target would be cancelled out by China in just over two weeks.” The IPA added that China has increased carbon emissions by 83.5 percent per capita since 2004, while Australia has decreased emissions by 15.4 percent in the same time frame.

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