OLIVER: False insinuations of bigotry must never silence public policy debate


An inflammatory article condemning a recent conference used innuendo and half-truths to stifle public policy debate about the Great Reset. PressProgress, a division of the Broadbent Institute and eponymous ‘source for progressive news and analysis’, published a nasty rant online targeted at a webinar “Pushing Back the Great Rest” organized by the Canada Strong and Free Network (CSFN), formerly the Manning Centre, and seven other organizations. Full disclosure, I am on its board and privileged to know the distinguished speakers. The sponsors were characterized as “teaming up to promote a conspiracy theory popular on the far-right online fringes of the Internet.” The article also referenced the Anti-Defamation League’s comment about a conspiracy circulating in dark corners of the Internet, “with neo-Nazis using Great Reset rhetoric to express ‘anti-Semitic sentiments’ and baselessly ‘accuse Jews of orchestrating the plot.’” What vile bigots are spewing on social media has nothing to do with the CSFN or any of its board members.

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