Now That Cuomo Is the Accused, Liberal Outlet Calls for Due Process in MeToo Era


Due process, you’re now officially uncanceled. Sure, you had your temporary reinstatement last spring when a woman named Tara Reade (remember her?) accused then-candidate Joe Biden of sexual assault. All woman couldn’t be believed, it seemed, as journalists began uncovering damning evidence about Reade’s history, like the fact that she, um, had issues with landlords and former acquaintances called her “deceitful” and “manipulative.” Plus, it was just one woman and nobody really paid much attention. Giving men accused of sexual impropriety a chance to clear their name could still be problematic, it seemed. After all, if we had to apply those standards to every situation, we might have to critically examine those Title IX show trials at colleges and universities and, let’s face it, who wants that?

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