Parliament has the power to compel Kielburgers to testify: Parliamentary Law Clerk


MPs were told on Thursday that the House of Commons has the power to compel WE Charity founders Craig and Marc Kielburger to testify before the finance committee after they rejected a summons to do so earlier this week. Law Clerk and Parliamentary Counsel Philippe Dufresne made the statements in response to an inquiry by Conservative MP and finance committee member Pierre Poilievre. “The House of Commons should it so wish could have law enforcement authorities take the Kielburgers into custody and compel them to testify if it so wishes and if they refuse,” said Poilievre. “Let me say that I hope it never has to be done again, I hope that the Kielburgers look at the powers Parliament has, these ancient authorities we have inherited from our British ancestors and agree to appear to answer the questions honestly to parliamentarians.” According to Dufresne, there exists four historical precedents where witnesses were imprisoned or detained after refusing to abide by a summons.

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