China dismisses Parliament genocide vote as ‘lies of the century’


The Chinese ambassador to Canada expressed outrage over Parliament’s decision to declare China’s actions against their ethnic Uyghur minority as a “genocide,” reports Blacklock’s Reporter. “For those MPs voting in the House of Commons, most of them I’m afraid have never been to Xinjiang or not even to China in the past years,” said Ambassador Cong Peiwu. “How can they judge the situation on the ground? They simply, some of them, are doing things with political intentions and trying to make political gains.” Cong described the allegations as “lies spread by a very few certain people due to anti-China intentions.” “For China, we are firmly opposed to any activity involving this kind of interference in our domestic affairs and undermining our sovereignty and security, declared Cong. “And we will take resolute measures to counter that, to safeguard our national interests.” “The so-called genocide, those kinds of claims, I’d like to point out once again are just lies of the century,” he said.

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