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The Emerald, the Iranian vessel at the heart of the Israeli oil spill crisis was seen anchored off the coast of Iran’s Kharg Island on January 17, new information has revealed. Photographs of the vessel, which Israel has accused of deliberately sabotaging the coastline and its environment in an act of ‘eco-terrorism’, show the ship off the Iranian coast. There, it is loaded with an estimated 112,000 tons of crude oil, before encircling the Persian Gulf and entering Egyptian waters. One photo shows the Emerald in Israel’s economic waters, near Haifa, and two others show the oil stain in the Mediterranean moving closer to Israel. Another shows the Emerald engaging with a ship that has its transmitter off, west of Syria, and its depth lessening from 14.3 meters under the sea to 8.5 meters, which likely indicates that it unloaded tanks of oil to the other ship, while at sea.

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