Petition to rename Trudeau airport gathers 25,000 signatures


A petition to rename Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport has gathered nearly 25,000 signatures, with petitioners alleging that “[the] father of the current Prime Minister of Canada is unworthy of this honour.” The petitioners argue that naming an airport after someone is “one of the greatest privileges” which can be endowed upon them, but Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau does not deserve to be honoured by Quebec in such a way. They claim that the name was not chosen by Quebeckers seeking to honour the former Prime Minister, but rather, the airport was named as “the result of a unilateral decision taken by Ottawa 20 years ago.” The petition boasts a number of high-profile signators, including Parti Quebecois leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, among others. The petition first discusses the invocation of the War Measures Act by Trudeau, which they describe as a “serious, flagrant, systematic and massive violations of several individual rights guaranteed by the Universal Declaration human rights.”

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