Pelosi’s election ‘reform’ would make 2020’s chaos the norm


Nancy Pelosi wants to turn America into a one-party nation. The House speaker has no qualms about trashing the Constitution to kneecap her Republican opponents. Her bill HR 1, which will be voted on this week, would rig the electoral system to favor Democrats. HR 1 is being sold as a reform to make voting easier. In truth, it makes cheating easier. The bill eviscerates state voting laws and imposes a set of national rules. For starters, it bans state voter-ID requirements. Anyone can show up on Election Day to vote, registered or not, and simply sign a statement claiming to be a legal voter. It also compels states to send out absentee or mail-in ballots universally and to count ballots that arrive by mail as late as 10 days after the election. Say goodbye to Election Night finality. The chaos of election 2020 will become the norm. Pelosi’s bill also legalizes ballot-harvesting, a practice many states are struggling to stop. Political organizations and advocacy groups send in workers to walk through neighborhoods, knock on doors and offer to help residents return the ballots they’ve received in the mail.

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