NDP MP Criticizes CBC For “Exclusively Liberal Comment” & “Brazen Lack Of Balance”


Criticism of CBC has usually been concentrated among Conservatives, who feel it has a pro-Trudeau, pro-Liberal bias. However, it seems that the NDP is starting to see this as well. In a series of tweets, NDP MP Don Davies pointed out how CBC has been providing a platform to the Liberals on multiple issues, yet is not providing the Opposition with an equal opportunity to speak: “Watching CBC national news: 3 federal stories (vaccine rollout, economic support and sexual assault claims against CAF head) – quotes + video of Liberals, not a single opposition comment. This is not balanced coverage from our national broadcaster and is happening too frequently.” “Just saw a 4th and 5th federal story on CBC national news: on Meng case and Uyghers. Trudeau quoted on both. No opposition. That’s 5 straight federal stories on CBC TV news with exclusively Liberal comment. Brazen lack of balance.”

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