Poll: Joe Biden’s Approval Rating Is Worse Than Trump’s Was at Same Point in His Presidency


President Joe Biden’s 81 million voters don’t seem to be showing up at the polls. According to a Tuesday Rasmussen Reports poll taken from approximately 10,000 likely voters, the newly elected president clocked in at just 50 percent approval and 47 percent disapproval following his first month in office. This number is in contrast to former President Donald Trump’s first-month approval rating of 52 percent. According to the Washington Examiner, during Trump’s presidency, 44 percent of similar poll respondents believed the country was heading in the right direction while 50 percent believed the opposite. Under Biden, though, just 37 percent of respondents believe the country is heading the right way while a whopping 57 percent believe the country is heading the wrong way. Rasmussen Reports also compiled an approval index, which is the difference between the president’s strong approval and strong disapproval ratings.

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