BONOKOSKI: Mother Corp. has Liberal Trudeau as CBC’s favourite son


CBC Radio, bless its dwindling adherents, has just received another kick. It will be bruised, of course, but no one is yet talking about cutting some of its a billion-dollar-plus annual burden on taxpayers. That still remains a conservative’s reoccurring dream. Young reporters (and increasingly the out-of-work) are naturally delirious if they snag a job at the beloved Mother Corp. It’s seen as a sinecure for life, with union-hyped salaries, great benefits, security in numbers, and impossible to get fired unless you are truly an axe murderer or, worst, politically incorrect or insensitive to the fragile. So words must be carefully pondered before spoken. Never ever, for example, quote stand-up comedian Dave Chappelle’s blunt monologues if there is a snowflake in the staff meeting room, even if there is ample attribution and context.

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