A Media Establishment Reliant On Government Money Is State-Run Media, And Will Never Be Independent


We continue to hear more and more calls from much of the media for government bailouts, or for the government to force social media companies to give them money for linking to content. What this represents is an acknowledgment by much of the media that they have failed to succeed in the free market, and that people are unwilling to voluntarily pay for their services. In most cases, this would mean that the companies have to change, reduce costs, shift their business model, and adapt. That’s what the vast majority of Canadians have to do on a regular basis amid a rapidly-shifting economy. However, some in the establishment media seem to think they are above everyone else, and are instead demanding that the government force you to pay for their work, regardless of whether you want to or not. Think about this for a moment. You, and many other Canadians have decided that you aren’t willing to pay an amount equal to the costs of running many media organizations.

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