“We made a mistake”: Peel Health apologizes for advising parents to confine children


Peel Public Health has apologized after telling parents to keep their young children in separate rooms with no contact with the rest of the family during isolation. First reported by True North contributor Anthony Furey, families in the Peel Region were given notices explaining that if their child gets dismissed from school because a classmate tested positive for coronavirus, they must be kept away from loved ones. “If your child does not have any symptoms: the child must self-isolate, which means stay in a separate room, eat in a separate room apart from others, use a separate bathroom if possible,” the handout says. “If the child must leave their room, they should wear a mask and stay 2 metres apart from others.” The restrictions include young children who get dismissed by child care. Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown spoke out against the new policy on Monday. After speaking to Peel Public Health, Brown says the guidelines will be changed to protect children and the previous flyers will be removed from circulation.

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