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Erin O’Toole is a good public speaker, and has relatively strong communication skills. However, he is certainly not a charismatic and telegenic politician. And this unfortunately follows in a recent trend of conservative leaders lacking charisma. This was something that was easier to get around until recently, but social media, and the fragmentation of attention has rendered charisma a near necessity for a political party to win. Yet, the Conservatives – at least at the top of the party – still seem to think that a few policy tweaks will change everything. That explains O’Toole’s shift from ‘true blue’ to ‘moderate centrist,’ as the CPC brass seems to believe that all they need to do is reorient themselves on the political spectrum in order to defeat the Liberals. Of course, the polls show that isn’t working, as it appears the CPC base is being demoralized, O’Toole’s negatives are going up, and no new voters are being gained.

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