Op-Ed: America Has Opted for the Same Lie Sold by Stalin, Mao and Hitler


America is caught in a cultural riptide that is dragging us to a place where most of us really don’t want to go. To those bothering to look, it is a current that alarmingly is growing in strength, becoming inescapable and with increasing speed is taking us further and further away from that shining light on the hill we were raised to love and used to call home. As that light — symbolic of our liberties and freedoms — fades in the distance, we are being swept away against our will toward a dark place ruled by a self-chosen cabal of elitists who have proclaimed themselves to be uniquely endowed with a politically correct humanist form of “enlightenment.” The society they are crafting is a place where values and traditions we once thought were right are now condemned as wrong. And those social practices that we used to consider wrong are now not only being codified as right but are being placed on humanist altars of social justice before which the unenlightened — We the People — are ordered to bend a knee in worship … or else.

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