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An Ontario woman who went overseas to attend her father’s funeral says she feels gouged by the government’s “ill-conceived” hotel quarantine plan that cost her $3,458 for a one-night stay. Cristina Teixeira, who has been a senior business analyst for the Ontario government for the past 32 years, says it has been a nightmare to return to Canada. “The stress that we were put under is inconceivable,” Teixeria told CTV News Toronto over the phone Monday. “As a Canadian citizen, public servant, I can tell you this is wrong on so many levels. We’ve never experienced something like this.” Teixeira arrived back in Canada, along with her brother and daughter, on Feb. 27 after spending about a week in Portugal. She said it was impossible to get any answers about the hotel quarantine program while overseas and wasn’t able to book a room until she landed in Toronto.

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