Montana Lawmaker Follows Trump’s Lead, Moves to Designate Antifa as Domestic Terror Group


Republican state Rep. Braxton Mitchell of Montana has introduced a resolution to designate antifa as a domestic terrorist organization. While there’s little evidence of antifa activities in Montana, Mitchell said early intervention is the best way to prevent the group from metastasizing into his state from Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, where the violent extremists have wreaked havoc for months. Mitchell told Fox News that he has witnessed antifa’s alarming influence and numbers mushroom during the past few years, and he wants to stem that before the radical group’s rioting spreads even further. “I just don’t want to go into a future where [political violence] becomes the norm, and I hope as a country, we can start moving away from political violence on both sides,” the 20-year-old Republican said. Critics have slammed his resolution as a waste of time because antifa is not a major problem in Montana — yet.

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