Watch: Footage shows long waits, no food at Trudeau COVID quarantine camps


Video footage from a Sheraton airport hotel shows a large crowd growing frustrated with the lack of food available for travelers quartered in the hotel. In the video, a woman could be heard asking “is it possible to live without food?” as employees block off a door. One of the employees told the crowd that they will be getting refunds, although it is unclear what the refunds are for. Under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s new travel guidelines, those who travel to Canada by plane must quarantine in airport hotels for three days before they can return home or go to another hotel. Travelers are detained in the hotels without any sort of due process, and are forced to pay for their own hotel stays unless they are refugees. They are not allowed to leave during their stay. The government has faced criticism for their actions, with many asserting that the rules violate the right to due process. Some have also questioned whether quarantining in hotels does more to stop the spread of coronavirus than quarantining at home.

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