Trump Was Slammed for ‘Ignoring’ Khashoggi Killing, But MSM Made Biden a Hero After He Refused to Punish the Man Responsible


There are two unpleasant truths regarding the gruesome murder of Saudi dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi at a Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, in 2018. The first is that Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the de facto ruler of the Middle Eastern state, was almost certainly responsible for ordering the murder, despite his protestations to the contrary. The second is that Saudi Arabia, while a sometimes unpleasant and untrustworthy ally, is a necessary ally nonetheless. This doesn’t mean the kingdom doesn’t need to be held to account over this or any of its other numerous other transgressions. But it does mean it’s the only regional power with the clout, the capacity and the resolve to balance the designs of the Islamic Republic of Iran to become the hegemonic regional power.

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