Tim Hortons to expand operations with money from Uyghur genocide-linked Chinese investment firms


Tim Hortons has raised money from three Chinese capital investment firms to expand their operations in the People’s Republic, Capital reports. The money, raised from Sequoia Capital, Tencent Holdings, and Eastern Bell Capital, is meant to help the company open up 200 more shops across China in 2021, and 1,500 in the next few years. Sequoia Capital, a massive investment firm which is based in the United States but does extensive work in China, holds investments in Yitu, a Chinese technology company which has helped develop AI facial recognition technology to identify Uyghurs. The Uyghurs, a predominantly Muslim ethnic group in northwestern China, are currently being subjected to genocidal policies perpetrated by the communist Chinese government. Up to two million Uyghurs have been deported to concentration camps since the genocide began, with prisoners being subjected to daily political indoctrination, mass sterilization, sexual abuse including of children, slavery, and torture. A report issued by a Parliamentary subcommittee last year directly compared the Chinese government’s actions to the Holocaust.

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