Flashback: CBC promoted Trudeau propaganda claiming there were no plans to forcibly send Canadians to quarantine sites


The CBC called information on Canadians being forcibly detained “disinformation”, when in fact Canadians returning to Canada from abroad are indeed being forcibly detained, by any definition of the term. “A disinformation campaign falsely suggests that Canadians will be forcibly sent to quarantine sites,” says the tweet. From the original CBC article: “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Tuesday that he had to personally reassure a young woman during a recent virtual meeting that his government will not remove people from their homes to put them in containment facilities. He said he told her that she should turn to public health officials for accurate information on the pandemic.” “‘I had to explain that as we consume increasing amounts and various sources of information, online and around us, we need to continue to be attentive to source,’ Trudeau said.”

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