Anonymous Email Q&A

Welcome to our Q&A page about anonymous email accounts.

Q&A: Why do you even need my email address?

When you register for an account here on CA News Forum, we require an email address to send you your initial password link, to respond to any Contact Us forms you submit, and in case you ever misplace your login password and need to reset it later on. We will not be sending you spam emails trying to get you to buy anything or to ask you to sign up for any other services or sites. For more details, please see our Privacy Policy.

Q&A: Do I have to give you my personal or work email?

Absolutely not. In fact, we would prefer not to have your personal or business email address, a generic, non-identifiable, anonymous one is preferable. There are online services which provide free, completely anonymous email addresses without you having to give them any of your personal information. Some services actively strip your IP address from your emails, keeping you even safer from prying eyes.

Q&A: Can I use a temporary email address for this?

A temporary or burner email account (i.e. one created for a single use and then discarded) is not allowed for use in signing up for a CA Account. You don’t need to use an email that identifies who you are, but you cannot use an email that you won’t be able to check if you need to contact us or change your login password.

Q&A: Where can I get an anonymous email address?

If you need an anonymous email address but don’t know where to go, here are a few suggestions that have worked for others. Note that there are other services out there that are not listed below.

Gmail – Perhaps the world’s most recognizable free email provider, you can have a gmail address in just a few minutes. You can set your gmail account to match your Disqus screen name, if you’d like.

ProtonMail – A leading secure email provider based in Switzerland, a country well known for keeping secrets. No Swiss bank account is required to apply, nor do you require formal evening attire.

Tutanota [tuta=secure/nota=message] – Another leading secure email provider, this one is based in Germany.