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The Biden White House is erecting a concrete wall in front of the building, with no apparent explanation for the security measure. Amidst the construction of the wall, live video feeds of the building were also reportedly killed. While the construction of security barriers can sometimes occur ahead of foreign heads of state visiting the U.S., no events have been publicly announced or scheduled. A construction team appears to have begun building the wall on the White House’s north lawn between the structure and a pre-existing iron fence, which was last remodeled in 2019. The construction of the wall follows repeated attacks from Democrats — including President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris — against walls, insisting they’re ineffective and xenophobic. “The strength of our union isn’t in the walls we build. Our power is found in our diversity,” Harris tweeted on November 29th, 2019. “Instead of wasting money on a concrete border wall, let’s spend that money on infrastructure, health care, and tackling climate change,” Harris tweeted in 2018 while attacking former President Donald Trump’s efforts to construct a wall on the Southern border.

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