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Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel warned against the Democrat Party’s election reform push, referring to the proposed Freedom to Vote Act as “the Freedom to Cheat Act.” McDaniel shared the remarks in a news briefing with National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) ahead of President Joe Biden’s speech on election reform in Georgia on Wednesday. “We call it the Freedom to Cheat Act. It eviscerates state voter ID laws which 36 states have passed. This bill eliminates states’ more secure voter ID requirements, replacing them with a process that is rife with fraud, no IDs presented, and a third person only needs to attest that a voter is who they claim to be,” McDaniel said. “I know, based on polling across every spectrum, Democrat, Republican, every minority group, people want people to show ID to vote and this is one aspect, just one, in which — and there are others — in which the Freedom to Cheat Act would eviscerate any type of verification for people to vote,” she added. In a Tuesday statement, McDaniel also spoke out against the Biden administration’s plan to remove Senate filibuster rules to pass its own voting reform bill as a “federal takeover” of elections.

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