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Using Satellite Images, Venter Et Al. 2018 Found An Eight Percent Increase In Woody Vegetation In Sub-Saharan Africa Over The Last Three Decades, Underscoring The Global “Greening Trend”. Recent study by Venter et al finds that the Sahara has shrunk by 8% over the past three decades. [see above: NASA image] According to Wikipedia, the Sahara covers a vast area of some 9.2 million square kilometers. Eight percent of that translates into more than 700,000 square kilometers. That’s an area that’s almost as big as Germany and France combined! This is profound. In other words, it’s well over 10,000 Manhattans! If the added green area were effectively used for agriculture, it could produce enough food to feed the African continent. Unfortunately, this is a fact that the doomsday-obsessed media, activists and ruling politicians fear will become publicly known. They instead would prefer that the globe returns to a climate of the 1980s, when drought and famine ravaged the vast North African region. According to the recent study, the cause was a decline in vegetation fires in a warmer and more humid climate. Another element that is unmentioned is the fertilization effect of the added CO2 into the atmosphere surely provides.

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