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The press conferences and interviews that weren’t. Old Joe Biden has been pretending to be president of the United States for almost a year now, and he has pretty much mastered, with some difficulty, walking up the steps of Air Force One. However, one aspect of his presidential act could still use some work: in his first year, he has held fewer press conferences and interviews than Trump, Obama, George W. Bush, Clinton, and George H.W. Bush. Biden’s handlers clearly don’t want him out there in front of the cameras talking, and it’s easy to see why. Biden’s handlers have clearly taken Obama’s dictum seriously: “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up.” They’re clearly determined to give him as few opportunities to do so as possible. Even at the press conferences he has held, Biden has on several occasions made it clear that the people who are really in charge were keeping him on a short leash. Last June at the G7 Summit, Biden said: “I’m sorry, I’m going to get in trouble with staff if I don’t do this the right way.” At a press conference in November, the obliging presidential puppet gave the impression that he was not supposed to take too many questions: “I can take…I’m going to get in real trouble…this is the last question I’m taking.”

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