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A CNN panelist and Washington Post columnist slammed Democrat President Joe Biden on Sunday over the administration’s policies and messaging surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. “It’s the worst kind of problem. They have a policy problem and a messaging problem,” Washington Post columnist Paul Kane said. “The policy side is that they went with a vaccine only approach practically, not not entirely, but very close. They thought they could vaccinate their way out of this problem.” Kane noted that Pelosi back in 2020 repeatedly harped on “testing, testing, testing” during news conferences back when the pandemic broke out. “And this administration, with all the money in the world, from the bipartisan deals of 2020 and the unilateral Democratic of $1.9 trillion bill in March, they had all the money in the world for testing, and they just didn’t focus on it,” Kane continued. “And that was a huge mistake. It’s a huge mistake. They were always going to need testing to get out of the school issue. And now the messaging in terms of what comes out of the CDC is just as confusing as it ever was.” Biden appeared to go against the advice of numerous scientific experts this week who formerly advised him on the administration’s coronavirus response.

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