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The trucking industry says cross border supplies will slow down even more if a vaccine mandate for truckers goes through. “While we’re trying to protect the public’s health and safety by mandating a vaccine, we could be harming the public’s health and safety if we’re mandating 20 per cent of the workforce to be gone when we already have a shortage of that workforce,” Millian said. “They’re the ones that deliver food, fuel, vaccines, medical gases, blood, all the stuff that keeps our healthcare system going. Food in our stomach and heat in our homes. We’re going to create a bigger public health risk if we’re not careful here.” Stephen Laskowski is president of the Canadian Trucking Alliance. He says they’ve asked the governments of Canada and the U.S to work with industries on both sides of the border and members of the supply chain that rely on the trucking industry. He said they also need to talk about “how removing a certain percentage of drivers from the supply chain as a result of this mandate would make a bad situation in the supply chain even worse.” […] The trucking industry fears the vaccine will lead to an estimated 12,000 and 22,000 workers leaving the job when the mandate is enforced.

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