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Imagine: It is September 4, 2035 in Miami and a large Cat. 5 hurricane is offshore headed straight for Miami. Roughly 7 million persons are in the general area where the hurricane will come ashore in 24 hours. The governor orders an evacuation of the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area of Florida. All of the cars start heading north on I-95. All lanes a re cleared to head northbound. With Congress and President Cortez having mandated that all cars built after 2030 must be electric (no hybrids) everyone heads north, but now they are caught up in a terrible traffic jam. Electric cars are starting to stall out on I-95 as well as the A1A and the Turnpike as they run out of power. There are simply not enough charging stations to charge the cars, and police monitoring the available chargers are limiting drivers to 15 minutes. Chargers are shutting down as water shorts out the charging heads on the cars. The electric cars are turning off their air-conditioners to preserve their remaining charge. You are stuck in a traffic jam all night with the storm headed right at you. No battery, no A/C, no windshield-wipers, no GPS. All that you can do is call 911 and hope for help, but they can’t because all of the roads are blocked with stalled electric vehicles.

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