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U.S. President Joe Biden, visiting the scene of Colorado’s most destructive wildfire on record, said on Friday the rare winter blaze marked the latest “code red” reminder of an ominously changing climate he hopes to confront with his renewable energy agenda. “We can’t ignore the reality that these fires are being supercharged” by global warming, Biden said after touring a neighbourhood in the Denver-area town of Louisville reduced to ruins by last week’s devastating Marshall Fire. Two people were missing and feared dead after the wind-driven, prairie-grass fire incinerated more than 1,000 dwellings on Dec. 30-31, making it the most destructive Colorado blaze on record in terms of property losses. The fire in Boulder County, on the northern outskirts of the Denver metropolitan area, charred 6,000 acres and laid waste to parts of Louisville and the adjacent town of Superior. Fanned by gale-force winds, the flames at times devoured football field-size stretches of drought-parched landscape in seconds. Biden’s trip to Boulder County marked his second as president to Colorado and his second focused on wildfires.

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