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Joe Biden attempted to tame record high meat prices with more government spending. On Monday, he met virtually with independent farmers and ranchers to lay out initiatives to reduce food prices by increasing competition within the meat industry. During the meeting, Biden said he plans to earmark $1 billion in funds from the American Rescue Plan to expand processing capacity for independent meat firms. The sum includes $275 million in capital support and $100 million towards job development and training. Additionally, Biden will also tighten rules governing Product of USA meat labels among other steps. The move is Biden’s latest effort to alleviate pressure on Americans at the grocery store as inflation has hit an all time high in decades. The administration argues large companies have stifled competition increasing inflation and higher costs of meat and everyday items for people. However, Biden said his problem is with corporate middlemen rather than inflation that has caused prices to sky rocket. The U.S. price index rose 6.8% in November, which is the highest in almost 40 years. Despite this, Biden somehow shifted blame to 45th President Donald Trump despite Trump’s efforts to fight for farmers and ranchers in rural America.

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