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On Christmas Day, the oracle of our nation, the CBC, issued one of its patented tweets for our times. It declared “50 years have passed since Justin Trudeau was born, but Canada is still a country and it still has a Trudeau in the top job.” There was no mention of a roving star over Ottawa in that fateful year, nor any talk of so-so premiers from the East arriving in the capital city bearing high-priced gift packages from Birks. Nor, now that I think of it, any mention of mangers either, but then again “long, open boxes horses and cows can eat from” are not as common as they once were. The horse and cow population of Ottawa in 1971 was considerably less than the number of MPs, with which the former are sometimes confused. Back to the gnomic tweet. For the moment, throw away the last part about still having a Trudeau in the top job. There is no need to dwell on the gloomy bit. What stands out in the CBC’s festive bulletin are the first two-thirds of the sentence: 50 years have passed since Justin Trudeau was born — then this — “but Canada is still a country.” Now I’m not a great fan of “huhs,” but if there was ever a moment for a big, capital H “Huh,” this was it.

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