Lab Leak Denier Daszak Gave A ‘We’ve Done Nothing Wrong’ Interview And An Insect Literally Escaped a Cage In the Middle of It

Peter Daszak — a longtime collaborator of the Wuhan Institute of Virology and recipient of grants from Anthony Fauci — spoke with Science magazine for a story attempting to absolve himself from blame for his alleged role in the creation and cover-up of COVID-19 where an insect escaped from a cage during the interview. The insect’s escape from a terrarium in Daszak’s office follows the EcoHealth Alliance President serving as one of the loudest critics of the “lab leak” theory, which enjoys support from several former high-ranking public health and intelligence officials. As the Science article chronicling Daszak recounts: He is gregarious, funny, and unguarded, an avuncular type who can make complicated ideas engaging to nonscientists. […] After a cricket that has escaped from one of the terrariums in the office — home to a dozen snakes and lizards — hops by his feet, I make a joke about lab leaks. He is not amused. Claiming “we have done nothing wrong,” in reference to the work of EcoHealth Alliance, Daszak uses the interview to lament the attacks on the group’s collaboration with the Chinese Communist Party-run Wuhan Institute of Virology, including work on viruses he described as “killers.”

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