Heritage Minister says internet regulation bill has “nothing to do with free speech”

Newly-appointed Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez told reporters the Liberal government’s plan to regulate online publishers has “nothing to do with free speech.” According to Blacklock’s Reporter, Rodriguez made the comment Tuesday in response to a question about Bill C-10, a sweeping update to Canada’s Broadcasting Act that critics have called an attempt to regulate Canadians publishing content online. When asked by reporters to address the Conservative’s concerns that the bill infringes on the free speech rights of Canadians, Rodriguez responded by saying: “That bill has nothing to do with free speech.” “C-10 is a top priority. I am currently in discussions with stakeholders and it will be treated as such. It will be one of the priority bills,” said Rodriguez. “I had an initial discussion with my Conservative counterpart and I think we can work together to make this happen.” Bill C-10, which died in the previous legislature when the election was called, would have expanded the authority of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission to the digital space. Certain provisions in the legislation also sought to have web giants like Facebook and Google compensate Canadian media outlets for the content they host on their platform.

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