Loudoun County sheriff slams top school official, says he knew about rape in girls bathroom by ‘trans’ male

Sheriff Mike Chapman said that superintendent Scott Ziegler was ‘unmistakably aware’ of a rape committed by a ‘gender-fluid’ male student and that Ziegler’s actions led to another assault months later. The sheriff of Loudoun County, Virginia blasted the superintendent of the county school district, saying he was “unmistakably aware” of a bathroom rape earlier this year and that the district’s actions “resulted in a second student being victimized by the same defendant.” In a November 10 letter obtained by ABC7News, Sheriff Mike Chapman told Scott Ziegler, superintendent of Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS), that Ziegler “knew of the alleged sexual offense the day it occurred,” despite later claiming to have “no record” of sexual assaults in school bathrooms. Ziegler had written to Chapman the previous week, accusing the sheriff’s office with providing “what may be inaccurate information” at a recent meeting of the Loudoun board of supervisors. The sheriff’s office told the board this month that LCPS was “absolutely notified” after a 15-year-old “gender fluid” boy was charged with raping a female classmate in the girls bathroom of Stone Bridge High School in May. He was arrested in July and convicted last month.

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