MSNBC Host ‘Disgusted’ By Kenosha Verdict, Calls Rittenhouse A ‘Little Murderous White Supremacist’

MSNBC host Tiffany Cross laid into Illinois teenager Kyle Rittenhouse, calling him a “little murderous white supremacist” during her Saturday show, “The Cross Connection.” Cross devoted a good portion of the show to a lengthy conversation about Rittenhouse — who shot three people during protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in August of 2020 and was acquitted Friday of all the charges against him. Joining Cross in that conversation was The Nation’s legal correspondent Elie Mystal, who argued that Rittenhouse had only been acquitted because “the judge was in the tank from the defendant from the jump.” “This is not a miscarriage of justice, this is justice working as intended for white people. And the way you know that is because of the judge. The reason why I was able to predict that was because of the judge. The judge was in the tank [for] the defendant from the jump. I mean literally before the trial, he was making motions and making rulings in favor of Rittenhouse,” Mystal continued, adding, “His actual decision-making favored the defendant the entire time” Mystal went on to argue that the justice system had been designed to be “permissive of white violence,” and that no progress would ever be made unless that bias was confronted and addressed.

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