Former CRTC head: Trudeau internet bills akin to censorship in ‘Russia or China’

The Trudeau Liberals’ internet censorship bill is so over-reaching that it’s akin to “something you might expect out of China or Russia,” a former CRTC commissioner said. During a podcast interview with Senator Pamela Wallin, Timothy Denton, the ex-commissioner of the CRTC, said that we currently do not live in a “very liberal era when it comes to free speech.” “We’re living in an era that has many anxieties verging on hysteria about the dangers of unfettered discussion. There seems to be very little belief on the part of recent college graduates in the ability of society to find for itself reasonable accommodations with dissent,” he said, reports Blacklock’s Reporter. The bills in question include Bill C-10 and Bill C-36. The former aims to change the way that sites bring Canadian content to viewers, and will subject them to CRTC regulations as public broadcasts. The latter aims to make it so bloggers and Facebook users could be fined for posting comment that’s “likely to foment detestation or vilification.” The bill goes beyond hate speech laws, and criminal wrongdoing is not necessary. Denton called the legislation “totalitarian,” and something that would come out of “China or Russia.”

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